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Introducing the first and powerful platform

revolutionizing urban planning, prioritizing

Israeli Urban Renewal

The only platform that is tuned to suit
the dynamic Israeli market

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Offering an array of the latest information layers, including national plans, local zoning plans, Xplan,
TAMA 70, and transportation-related layers, among others

Your Site Analysis in one place

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Easily create alternatives or import in various formats, including MAVAT styled, and swiftly generate 3D alternatives with efficiency

Create your
Best Design

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Precisely define project parameters, particularly financial ones, to check quickly your economic feasibility.
Craft a dynamic and tailored unit mix suited for your needs

Our Tools
Your Knowledge

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The Power of
UD's Analytics

Access a range of analyses tailored for Israeli scenarios: Program Metrics, Comprehensive Economic Assessments, Public needs programs, Sustainable Transport Metrics,and more

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