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Urban Dashboard at the Heart of Israel’s First Metro

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Urban Dashboard is proud to be chosen as the technological platform for planning Israel’s National Master Plan No. 70. The plan will shape and impact the growth of Gush Dan, the economic center of Israel; the platform will support the planning process and decision making with regards to density, sustainability, mobility, and resilience and will influence the development and quality of life of millions for many years to come.

At the request of the Planning Administration, the Ministry of Finance, and the Israel Land Authority, the Urban-Dashboard team developed a web-based interface that improves planning by allowing the planning team to edit and control parallel planning processes on multiple metro stations. And present the meanings and qualities of the planning products to all decision-makers and those involved in the planning process.

As part of the requirements of the planning director and planning team, the system output includes:

• an algorithm for spatial influence zones around each of the metro stations

• Comparisons of current built and demographic status against different planning scenarios.

• Calculation and comparison of different planning alternatives and implementation scenarios per station or clusters.

• Creation of information layers designed to examine the potential of urban renewal and economic feasibility of realization in the entire space of influence of the metro system.

• Calculation of analyzes, economic, environmental and social according to the needs of the planning team.

The Planning Administration's National Master Plan No. 70 for the metro stations' urban space is intended to plan, in parallel with the underground transportation planning, the development and planning of the urban space at street level and a walking distance from the stations to a more inviting and pleasant, with wide sidewalks, bicycle paths, and a link to complementary public transportation systems.

National Master Plan No. 70 is intended to constitute 40% (200 km²) of the future development and construction of Gush Dan, utilizing urban renewal and not additional open spaces that are becoming increasingly scarce in a country with limited land areas.



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