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early-stage planning

Urban Dashboard is an all-in-one SaaS platform for early-stage planning that replaces outdated tools and manual work designed for developers, architects and planners

Urban Dashboard replaces outdated practices and revolutionizes the way real estate professionals plan their next projects

The problem with traditional
early-stage planning​


Manual, long and expansive processes


Inefficient design iteration process

Months of back-and-forth


Strong dependency
on external
consultants working

We're transforming old urban planning 2D-based paradigm into a 3D parametric model in a GIS-rich environment, delivering instant metrics and analytics at your fingertips.

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Our Solution

Automate, streamline, and optimize
early-stage planning 

All-in-one SaaS platform based on GIS data layers

Effortless volume design

On-demand analytics

Feasibility study in minute

Collaborate with all Project's Stakeholders

Use Urban Dashboard to compare design alternatives, and make informed,
data-based decisions to create better
and more 
sustainable cities

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Define the project and get all the GIS Data you need


Create and edit urban plans, and immediately get ROI analytics, plan metrics, environmental and mobility analysis in a click of a button


Tell the story of the project with the help of advanced presentation tools

Better decisions

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Urban Dashboard at the Heart of Isreal's First Metro

The platform was used by the planners and architects from the Metro's team to systematically plan the above-ground area surrounding 109 station

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Ayalon Highways.png
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Customers and Collaborators

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